Top 5 Best Useful Tech Gadgets Under Rs.500 | Part 1 ⚡ August 2021

by Preetam Saha  | Updated on 9th August

We've got the 5 best useful tech products under Rs 500 for you. We don’t just add unique tech gadgets but the ones that are useful in daily life as well, so you’re going to have a blast!

Backpack with USB Port - It’s under Rs 500 & is a little water-resistant so no problem for drizzle rains.

If you carry a power bank, then it’s going to be super useful! It’s got a USB port. It’s common nowadays, but it’s found inexpensive bags. This one is under Rs 500, looks good & techy. So you can charge your phone on the move, which is nice!


And this bag has 2 big compartments & is 25 Litres in volume.

1. Backpack with USB Port

3in1 OTG Adapter - It’s a super useful OTG product. Is small & very well built. If you pick it up, you’ll know that it’s built well. It’s an OTG, so if you have a Micro USB/Type C port, there won’t be any problem & will fit in well. It has the latest generation Type C & USB 3.0

The Micro USB 2.0 is aluminium built & is of good build quality. And the USB Type-A helps well too. It’s a very useful product, is priced at Rs 370/- & with offers you can get it for around Rs 300-350.


If you’re using a smartphone, you must definitely get it! There’s also an LED indicator to tell you that OTG is working when you connect it to the phone.

2. 3in1 OTG Adapter

Smartphone Cooling Fan - It says “Fast cooling, fast eating chicken”. The translation is weird! Fast cooling is understandable, but what’s fast eating chicken? It’s basically a mobile fan. If you’re very much into gaming, then you’ll have to plug it into your phone & that’s about it.

Eg) Take the phone, stick the fan & then connect the USB. If your phone is heating too much, then that'll be a very helpful accessory. With this, you can use the OTG Adapter as well & it works well! Friends, this is a 100% good accessory if you’re into gaming & your phone heats a lot, then you should get it. Your performance will be sustained for sure! I didn't think that it'd be so good! You also get an adapter with it. If you have a Micro USB port, then you can use it.

And not just for gaming, but if you’re binge-watching multimedia for long hours, you can use it there too. It also has a stand. So you can sit back & relax for binge-watching!

3. Smartphone Cooling Fan

4. Privacy Webcam Shutter

Privacy Webcam Shutter - It's a super useful webcam cover as we do a lot of video conferencing nowadays.

And now you won’t have to worry about & use a tape like Mark Zuckerberg. You can put this on, it’s a physical cover & you get 6 in total. You just have to apply it.  So when you don’t want it, just slide it to open or close.

It’s super nice & makes sure you have enough bezels while using it on the phone. Or else you can use it on the laptop’s webcam. It’s a small accessory but an important thing for your privacy & security! If you have a TV, then definitely use it without forgetting! You get 6 of them for Rs 200 & it’s worth every penny.

5. 3W Bluetooth Speaker

3W Bluetooth Speaker - It’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker with ports & buttons on it. It’s priced under Rs 500, looks funky & you can carry it easily in a bag.

This looks cute, look at it! There are buttons on the top & it looks very nice. Let’s find out its audio. It has an AUX input & if you have a Micro USB, then you can directly connect with it.

It has 3W speakers, there are all options for connectivity, a Micro USB & has SD card support!  It’s very nice & is priced under Rs 500, you can get it for Rs 400-450 with offers. And for that price, it’s a nice little Bluetooth speaker for sure.

So these were the 5 best tech gadgets under Rs 500. We also have products under Rs 1000, 1500 & 2000.


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