AMD 3015e and 3020e Entry Level Processors launched.

REdmi 9 Prime.JPG

AMD has launched two entry-level processors for budget laptops.
These processors are going to be used in upcoming Lenovo laptops and these processors gonna replace Celeron processors.

AMD is going to use these processors in an entry-level laptop which is used for education, daily work, etc.
Lenovo 100e 2nd Gen with AMD 3015e, while the Lenovo 300e 2nd Gen with AMD 3015e. AMD claims that these processors are better than Intel Celeron processors.

AMD 3015E:
>Graphics Model: AMD Radeon Graphics
>CPU Cores: 2
>Threads: 4
>Max Clock Speed: Up to 2.3GHz
>Base Clock: 1.2GHz

AMD 3020E
>Graphics Model: AMD Radeon Graphics
>CPU Cores: 2
>Threads: 2
>Max Clock Speed: Up to 2.6GHz
>Min Clock: 1.2GHz

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