Evo-2 Drone: The Most Powerful and advance foldable drone on planet

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

The Autel EVO-2 - the foremost powerful and advanced foldable drone system on the earth. The best feature of EVO-2 is, it has the longest battery life among all the drones that are accessible within the market.

It's a Flying time involving 40 minutes with a high speed of up to 45mph/72kmph and it will travel up to 9km that is pretty smart for drones.

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Featuring Evo-2

Evo-2 Sensors:

EVO has created some superb enhancements and has enclosed several further sensors in its new Evo-2 drone.

No need to worry about any obstacle collision, it already has an in-build Omni-directional obstacle collision sensing element, it has space for storage space which can carry 2000g.

12 laptop vision sensors, 2 led landing lights, Evo-2 sensors, evo-2 features
Autel Evo-2 Sensors

The Autel EV0-2 is supplied with twelve laptop vision sensors, two measuring system sensors, and a pair of LED landing lights, that make the aircraft the simplest obstacle turning device.

EVO 2 features a build-in failsafe feature that warns when the battery is low and comes back to the initial landing place( return to home).

Evo-2 Camera:

Drones are used largely for Video shooting and for clicking superb footage. I must say, Autel Evo-2 has the simplest camera that is capable of capturing 8K video capable of 48MP stills.

EVO two is supplied with an 8K camera capable of 48MP stills and it conjointly features a 6K camera adjustable aperture of f/2.8 - f/11.

EVO-2 has twin build-in with a FLIR particle sensing element and an 8K camera capable of simultaneous recording.

Evo-2 Design, Flytime, Memory, Performance, evo-2 review, evo-2 full features.
Evo-2 Design, Flytime, Memory, Performance

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Evo-2 Storage, Performance, and battery:

This superior drone comes with an 8GB internal space for storing expandable up to 256GB with the assistance of sd cards. Nowadays most of the drones go along with an autonomous object following system however Autel Evo-2 has a complicated obstacle following system that follows the obstacles at high speeds. Autel’s proprietary Dynamic Track two™ and AI technology creates good flight methods in a period of time. The Dual-core battery-powered object detection sensing element will acknowledge up to sixty-four subjects right away together with animals, people, and vehicles.

Autel Evo-2 Specifications:


Image Sensor: 1/2" CMOS

Pixels: 48MP

HDR imaging: (under 4K JPEG)

Still Photography Resolution:

  • 8000*6000 (4:3)

  • 7680*4320 (16:9)

  • 4000*3000 (4:3)

  • 3840*2160 (16:9)

Video Resolution:

  • 8K (7680*4320)

  • 6K (5760*3240)

  • 4K 3840*2160

  • 2.7K (2720*1528)

  • FHD (1920*1080)

Max Bitrate:120Mbps

Lens: Equivalent focal length: 25.6 mm

Aperture: f/1.8

Focus Distance: 0.5m to any distance (with autofocus mode)

ISO Range: Video: 100-6400 (auto)

Photo: 100-3200 (auto)

Zoom: 1-8x (Max 4x lossless)

Still Photography Modes: Single Shot

Burst shooting: 3/5 frames

Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB): 3/5 bracketed frames at 0.7 EV Bias

Evo-2 Camera, Flight Time, Video recording, performance, drone review, best drones
Evo-2 Camera, Flight Time, Video recording


Takeoff Weight: 2.5 lbs (1150 g)

Max Takeoff Weight: 4.4 lbs (2000 g)

Diagonal Wheelbase: 15.6 inches (397 mm)

Aircraft Battery: 7100 mAh

Max Flight Time (standard): 40 min

Max Hovering Time (standard): 35 min

Max Level Flight Speed (Standard): 45 mph (20 m/s) (Ludicrous)

Sensing System:

Sensing System Type: Omnidirectional Binocular Sensing System


  • Accurate Measuring Range: 0.5 - 20m

  • Detection Range: 0.5 - 40m

  • Effective Sensing Speed: < 15 m/s

  • FOV: Horizontal: 60°, Vertical: 80°


  • Accurate Measuring Range: 0.5 - 16m

  • Detection Range: 0.5 - 32m

  • Effective Sensing Speed: < 12 m/s

  • FOV: Horizontal: 60°, Vertical: 80°


  • Accurate Measuring Range: 0.5 - 12m

  • Detection Range: 0.5 - 24m

  • Effective Sensing Speed: < 6 m/s

  • FOV: Horizontal: 65°, Vertical: 50°


  • Accurate Measuring Range: 0.5 - 11m

  • Detection Range: 0.5 - 22m

  • Effective Sensing Speed: < 6 m/s

  • FOV: Horizontal: 100°, Vertical: 80°


  • Accurate Measuring Range: 0.5 - 12m

  • Detection Range: 0.5 - 24m

  • Effective Sensing Speed: < 10 m/s

  • FOV: Horizontal: 65°, Vertical: 50°


  • Battery (mAh): 7100mAh

  • Voltage (V): 11.55

  • Transmission Power (2.4G): 13.2

  • Battery Type LiPo 3S

  • Battery Energy: 82Wh

  • Weight (g): 365

  • Charging Temperature Range (°C): 5~45℃

  • Storage Temperature & Humidity -10~30℃,65±20%RH

  • Recommended Storage Temperature: 22~28℃

  • Max Charging Power Consumption (W): 93W

  • Charging Time: 90min

The Price of Evo-2 is

$1495 for Standard Model

$1795 with Rugged Buddle

For More Information https://auteldrones.com/pages/evo-ii-specification

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