Google Released New Features for Chromebooks. WiFi Sync, Simpler Setting and Many More.

Chromebook New Features

Google Chromebooks are basically Laptops which is operated by Chrome OS. It is a Fast, Secure operating system that powers Chromebook. Chrome OS is an Open-source software it is compiled from the source code and it is used only in Google Manufactured Laptops.

Google has released a few new features in Chrome OS like Wifi Sync, Simpler setting, and a Mic Slider.

Wifi Sync saves your Wifi Passwords in keychain:

Wifi Sync

Wifi Sync makes it easier for you to get all the things done in just a couple of minutes. With this Wifi Sync feature, you can access any document, files, etc which are connected to the same wifi Network where you created your profile without entering your 20 digit password which is printed at the back of the routers. For eg: If you are connected to a Wifi Network and created your profile in your Chromebook then you will be able to access all the documents, files, in other Chromebook if you are connected to the same wifi network after logging your profile in that. The Wifi Sync feature is helpful if you are using more than one Chromebook in your home.

Simpler Settings:

Search Bar at the Top

Google has included a search bar at the top of the Chromebook settings where you can search and find anything that you are looking for. Google has also improved the design of the Chrome OS making it simpler and better for users. When you search for something in Chromebook it will automatically display all the related terms which makes it easier.

Google will soon include an Everything button in chrome launcher to search better. You will find everything in one place to access Google Search, your Drive, Settings, apps, local files, and more.

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Mic Slidder:

A new mic slider feature will help people to access their Quick Settings to control how soft or loud they sound on calls.

Mic Volume controller for Video calls

Video Recording:

Now you can even pause and resume videos while recording, we will be able to avoid irrelevant stuff while capturing a video. All the videos will be saved in MP4 format so we can share and edit the video later.

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