HONOR unveiled its HONOR HUNTER Gaming Laptop and 2 other Smartwatches

Honor has finally revealed its upcoming gaming laptop Honor Hunter. We have seen many teasers in the past few days, and Honor officially announced and confirmed the laptop is going to be launched on September 16th in China. Along with this laptop, honor has unveiled its HONOR Watch GS Pro and HONOR Watch ES smartwatches.

Honor has not revealed the features and specifications of the Honor Hunter Gaming laptop but they have shown us a design of the laptop which is inspired by Supercars along with RGB lighting around it as well as the keyboard.

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Honor has not revealed its specifications yet, but some leaks say that it might be powered with an Intel i7 processor with better thermal performance.

Let's see if Honor revealed the Specifications of the Honor Hunter Gaming Laptop in upcoming days as the launch date is in the 3rd week of September. We will keep you posted till then. You can follow us on Instagram for More News and Updates.

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