How I resolved my Pubg Mobile high ping issue using 4G VoLTE new feature in one easy method.

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

We all know that PUBG is one of the most famous multiplayer action game but though sometimes we face issues like higher pings which make us irritated. PUBG has been sending many updates but none of them solved the high ping issue. Though we have a speed internet connection the problem still persists. In this article, I will explain to you how you can use the VoLTE feature to lower your Pubg Ping issue in Jio, Airtel, and other networks.

I know you have tried many tricks to lower your Pubg Ping by watching Youtube videos and reading blogs like how to fix your Pubg Ping and all, I did the same but none of them have solved the issue permanently.

How to resolve pubg mobile high ping issue, Pubg High ping issue fixed in 4G VoLTE. how you can fixed the ping issue
PUBG Mobile High Ping Issue Fixed

What i actually did to Fix Pubg Mobile Ping:

So in this Article, I am going to show you exactly what I did to fix my Pubg Ping. You don't have to install any app or any other tools. I have fixed the ping issue by using the calling feature, so you might be thinking how is making a to someone is related to Ping. For this, you just need to have an extra mobile either a feature phone or a smartphone with a working sim card (2G,3G,4G).

Now we are going to solve the Ping using the 4G VoLTE feature. What is VoLTE? VoLTE enables service providers to manage one data network rather than separate ones for voice and data. It means when you call someone from your 4G sim, the VoLTE feature automatically gets enables and it boosts your Network speed by more than 70%, which results in increasing your internet speed and making the Ping constant.

I have tested this trick myself various devices, every time it worked 100%. I am getting a very low Ping constant 30ms to 90ms without any fluctuations.


1. Smartphone with a 4G connection in which you play PUBG Mobile.

2. An extra phone, either feature or a smartphone with any sim card.

So let's talk about the steps:

1.Open PUBG mobile in your smartphone, press the home button after it gets loaded. Then make a call to your 2nd mobile.

After opening PUBG mobile call from 1st mobile to second mobile to fix Pubg ping issue. I have solved Pubg ping issue in Jio sim and you can even solve it in other 4G sims.
Call from 1st Mobile to 2nd Mobile

2. Lift the Phone Call and then press the mute button( remember only press the mute button on your second mobile.) and don't hang up the call until you finished playing the game.

lower your pubg ping issue by enabling 4G VoLTE feature. How i fixed high ping issue in pubg mobile
Mute the call on 2nd Mobile.

3. Boom! Your internet speed boosted up and your Pubg Ping will become constant. You will get a Ping of ( 30ms to 90ms max) without any fluctuations.

4. Next, start your Pubg mobile game and you will experience a constant ping of 30ms-90ms max. I know these steps look simple, I promise you will get very low Ping in Pubg after you try it.

Pubg ping problem will be resolved, you can play the game without any ping issues.
Restart the game

5. Now you might be facing a problem with invoice chats, no need to worry I have the solution for it. Just restart your game, and you will hear the game sound and invoice chats, and with a constant ping.

I have been using this trick since the last few months and I never faced ping issues whenever I used this trick. I am using Jio sim and even used airtel sim, Pubg Ping problem gets solved in both Jio and Airtel. Thanks for reading, Enjoy your game and do comment if this trick worked for you and resolved your Pubg Ping Issue.

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