SkyDrive a Japanese based company tests its First Flying Car succesfully.

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

SkyDrive Flying Car

A Japanese startup company SkyDrive Inc.has completed the first test of its new Flying Car SD-03 earlier this week. This test has been done in the Toyota Test Field at approximately 2.5 acres of land, carrying one passenger. This Flying car has managed to flight around 30min and flying time can be increase later after modifying a few changes.

The Flying Car SkyDrive was monitored by the ground staff and was controlled by the computerized control systems to ensure its safety and stability. The Aircraft was driven by the pilot and to ensure his safety the car was controlled by the technical staff.

In SkyDrive SD-03, there is only one seat for the pilot so he has to drive the car by himself. The length of the SD-03 is 4 meters long and 2 meters wide, and it occupies a space of 2 medium size vehicles. This Flying vehicle has two pairs of propellers that help in flying the car upward, similar to the helicopters. SD-03 has four motors and four rotors, and each rotor is controlled by its own motor. The rotors are adjusted at 4 different locations and they move in the opposite direction when the car flies.

SkyDrive didn't exactly mention the flying time and the distance the car can travel. They are still testing it to make it safer and to comply with the safety regulation of the Civil Aeronautics Act. Tomohiro Fukuzawa, who is the head of the SkyDrive project said that are expecting the Flying Car would be available in 2023, and it would become fully autonomous by 2028.

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