TÜV Rheinland is all regarding testing and making certain nice quality and safety of products. You would have undoubtedly seen the certification for eye comfort for smartphones, wherever a TÜV Rheinland certification meant you were obtaining a secure and top quality screen that's safe for viewing, particularly for long hours. But there’s a lot to think about within the quality and safety of smartphones.

TUV Rheinland Certification Reliability Test

Because the devices conjointly carry an oversized quantity of vital information and knowledge and have, in essence, become a tool for everybody, the device needs to be sturdy and reliable. However, smartphones have such a large amount of numerous situations in daily use, therefore measurement a smartphone’s responsibility is complicated and tough.

Check Out the List of TUV Rheinland Certified Mobiles in India

With this in mind, realme invited TÜV Rheinland to discuss, develop, and formulate a group of test standards for smartphone quality and responsibility. As such, the TÜV Rheinland Smartphone reliability Verification is all concerning however the device handles numerous usage situations based on 3 scenarios; daily use, parts responsibility, and extreme setting.

This verification contains 22 major and 38 minor tests, that both the realme 7 series went through with success to be the primary smartphone to receive this certification! This means you'll freely enjoy and trust the realme 7 and 7 pro for all of your daily lifestyle smartphone needs due to its extremely improved responsibility and sturdiness, brought forward by realme’s leap-forward technology and stylish style. therefore go ahead, take it where you would like to travel, show your vogue with it, take some wonderful photos, and a lot of peace of mind knowing that the realme 7 series has got you covered!

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